Black Ops

Call of duty black ops is another popular shooter in the online modern warfare lineup.

Expanded game play with additional maps and game modes. Zombie land can be very hard on ammunition. Players need to watch their back at all times.

Game Cheats

Dead Ops

The first thing that has to be done is unlock yourself from the chair. In the start menu. Repeatly pulling the left / right triggers, will release you from the chair bindings. Now go to the computer behind the screens and enter "CD" enter again. After it executes enter "DOA" & enter again. This unlocks Dead Ops, a Zombie filled killing land.

Intel Unlock

Bust out of the chair at start menu again. (Left / Right triggers repeatly) Head to the computer terminal again and enter"3ARC INTEL" If successful, the game will let you know. Unlocking it eliminates the achievement for doing it in-game. To continue with cheat, select yes, and then all intel is unlocked.

Zombie Maps

Get out of the chair and head for the computer terminal behind the screens again. This time enter "3ARC UNLOCK". A notice will tell you cheat is set. The next time you start a zombie game, all maps will be unlocked.

ALICIA - mini game. Head to the terminal from the start menu. This time execute "ALICIA" after enter you are off on yet another game!

Zork - Eaten by a Grue After breaking out of the chair, go to the terminal. Enter code "Zork"or "Hello Sailor" Either one will work. Playing the game will unlock "Eaten by a Grue" when achievement level is reached.

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