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Activision has delivered an amazing line up of popular video games.  INFINITY  WARD  Modern warfare 2 quickly became the best selling first-person game of all-time. 

Call of Duty Modern warfare 3   Release date  11:8:11  
is on the "hit-list" of every gamer's "wish-list".  Amazing action and 3D graphics bring the battle field to life.  

Airborne Special Ops
A "Global adventure on a epic scale" as quoted by one of the game developers.  Paris and New York are a couple of the map locations.  New pickup your opponent's dog tags after making a kill.  If a squad member bites the dust and had dogtags gathered, quickly retrieve
them to add to your tally. Extra points are awarded for gathering dog-tags after wasting the enemy.

New modes and match customization gives the player a wide variety of game options.  You can host a game and have every one the same class, weapon, etc.

 MW3 Launch Trailer   

COD MW3  World Wide Reveal!

Survival !


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